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“The great thing about Internet radio stations is that the world is their audience.
EMM Radio plays our radio shows that include our network commercials.
As a result we’ve received orders from around the world.”

Dakota Livesay
Chronicle of the Old West

Would you like to advertise on EMM Radio?

Did you know...
Each week approximately 42,000,000 adults listen to country music in the U.S.
Country music is the most programmed radio format.
Almost 40% of country music listeners reside in the top 25 DMA’s.
61% of country radio listeners are married. 54.6% are in a family of 3 or more.
Country music is favored by people between the ages 25-44 with females outnumbering males by a margin of 2-to-1.

Some actual EMM Radio statistics that you might like to know,
Based on responses to the online survey of EMM Radio listeners:

Favorite feature of the website, other than EMM Radio:
WALL OF FAME (more than 300 autographed photos)

About 15% of EMM Radio's listeners visit at least once per day, every day.

69% of EMM Radio listeners come to the EMM Radio website to BOTH listen to EMM Radio AND enjoy the site features.

Lately, EMM Radio has been receiving a daily average of 3425 unique hits.
Many of the people come back multiple times a day to listen to the station.

EMM Radio's listeners tune in for an average of 1 to 2 hours each visit.

Although there are listeners 24/7 around the world, the busiest hours are between 3pm and Midnight (PST).

Gender ratio of listeners is approx. 58% male/42% Female

Average age range of EMM Radio listeners seems to be mostly between 28 and 48.

EMM Radio offers an affordable way for you
to get your message heard around the world!

EMM Radio is currently heard in more than
7615 cities in 135 countries around the world!

Not including the more than 6100+ cities across the United States!

Top countries with EMM Radio listeners:
Great Britain

EMM Radio offers you 3 affordable options for most any budget:

The larger the package, the more affordable per week it becomes!

3 months regular rotation $250 (about $20.83/week)
6 months regular rotation $400 (about $15.39/week)
1 full year regular rotation $700 (about $13.46/week)

All advertisers will also receive a text link to their website on the EMM Radio sponsor page.

Send me an email
or call me at 541-414-8127
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message heard around the world!

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