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The country duo of Jack Blanchard and his wife, Misty Morgan, placed 15 singles on the country charts between 1969-1975.

1969 saw their first charting hit, "Big Black Bird," which made its way into the Top 60. But it was 1970's "Tennessee Bird Walk" that would be their biggest and most memorable hit. The song hit the top of the country charts, did well on the pop charts, and even garnered a Grammy nomination.

Jack explains how his column got started:

"Before Misty Morgan and I had hit records, we entertained at an Orlando nightclub. I made a deal with a local newspaper to write a weekly column in return for a free ad for our club. The column spread to other publications and now has thousands of readers around the world." Jack Blanchard



Billboard Award
Duet of the Year (1970)

Grammy and
CMA Finalists.


Misty and I have had 6 dogs and 1 cat in our life together. We loved them all.

Pippin was an Orange Tabby. He was abandoned by his original owner and became the hobo cat of the neighborhood. He learned how to beg, and which homes offered handouts.

He was outdoors in all weather, and he and I became friends when we met on the streets. Then, when Misty and I would go for walks, Pippin would trot along with us. We took him into our home and he became part of our family. We loved him.

Pippin could be a block away and when I called his name he'd run all the way home. One morning he died on our doorstep, poisoned by an antifreeze leak from a car. Life is too damn fragile!


In the 1980s, when our big country bookings got scarce, Misty and I filled the gap by playing jazz clubs and hotels around New York State.

At that time there was a popular vocal/comedy group called The Kirby Stone Four. They were all over network TV and got a Grammy for "Baubles, Bangles and Beads".

Kirby heard about us and was going to book us in a famous NYC hotel lounge for lots of money. We didn't hear from him for a week so I called his number. I was told by his wife that he had just died. We felt sorry for her, and a little bit for us.

Misc. Thoughts

TONAWANDA, NY. One early morning when I was nineteen a deputy sheriff knocked on my door. He wanted me to go with him to "just have a talk with the sheriff". My hangover saved the day. I must have looked bad because he asked me if I was sick. A very creative lie just popped right out of me: "I've got the measles." He took a step back. Then he said, "Well, come down to the Office when you can." I hitch-hiked to Florida.

* * *

When I was a young brat a lot of the kids in our neighborhood were getting their adenoids taken out. It was a war to eliminate adenoids from the Earth. I don't think anybody knew what they were, but they wanted them gone.

* * *

Before I got into music full time I worked in a lot of factories, tried selling encyclopedias, dug graves, greased cement mixers, drove a school bus, and did a bunch of other jobs. I had a perfect employment record: I never worked anyplace I could go back to.

* * *

MY INVENTION: A hands-free umbrella for bald guys, with a plunger on the bottom to hold it on the head.

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