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The country duo of Jack Blanchard and his wife, Misty Morgan, placed 15 singles on the country charts between 1969-1975.

1969 saw their first charting hit, "Big Black Bird," which made its way into the Top 60. But it was 1970's "Tennessee Bird Walk" that would be their biggest and most memorable hit. The song hit the top of the country charts, did well on the pop charts, and even garnered a Grammy nomination.

Jack explains how his column got started:

"Before Misty Morgan and I had hit records, we entertained at an Orlando nightclub. I made a deal with a local newspaper to write a weekly column in return for a free ad for our club. The column spread to other publications and now has thousands of readers around the world." Jack Blanchard



Billboard Award
Duet of the Year (1970)

Grammy and
CMA Finalists.



Business was off at the ballet. The theater manager was sharp enough to realize that not everybody likes the ballet. Some people like trombone playing. He did an extensive talent search and found a ballerina who could play the trombone. He offered her big bucks if she could learn to do both at once.

The house was packed on opening night. The ballerina danced "Swan Lake" brilliantly, playing the trombone all the way until the last act, which called for a pirouette and a seventh position trombone lick at the same time. She tripped over another swan, blew her teeth to the audience, and did an ad lib five minute pain dance.

I know this story is true because I was that ballerina.



When my Dawn Breakers vocal quartet were recording for a Detroit label, we stayed at an old hotel called The Barlum. A lot of traveling show biz people stayed there. I found it had a long closed penthouse nightclub with a white grand piano. I was up there alone writing songs each night and enjoying the view of the city lights.


Miami, 1960's

Misty and I were just coming off being homeless, when a couple of musicians who had always snubbed us asked us to fill in on their gig because they had something better to do for two nights. It was in Hialeah near the race track and a winner came in and tipped us $100. We almost passed out! That was like $1,000 then.


I wrote, arranged, and conducted the music for a government documentary film about The Everglades, called "Million Acre Playground". It was good experience watching the film and getting the live band to synchronize with the scenes. I went to the premier in Ft. Lauderdale and sat through it just to see my name fly by in the credits.


Starting out, we couldn't afford a Hammond B-3 organ, so Misty got a Wurlitzer and tinkered with it. She got the keys to pop like a Hammond by putting a switch halfway on. The audiences liked to see the sparks fly in the back of the organ.


Over forty years ago we were driving in heavy traffic down a six or eight lane highway near the Pentagon. There was a small injured dog trapped in the median. When I could stop a few miles later I called the police trying to get help for the dog. The cop said. "We ain't allowed to shoot 'em." Nothing I could do. Now, four decades later, I still remember that little dog, and the look on his face, and I still feel somehow guilty.


The teacher said, "What is it with you? Is it ignorance or apathy?"

I said, "I don't know and I don't care."

* * *

"Bewitch me, darling. Bewitch me."

"I'll bewitch you in a minute. I'm busy."

* * *

A group of rabbits walking backwards is a receding hare line.

* * *

I don't know why the doctor gave me an anti-depressant ... unless it's because I had my hands around his throat.

* * *

I'm getting crows feet, but somehow my shoes still fit.

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