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The country duo of Jack Blanchard and his wife, Misty Morgan, placed 15 singles on the country charts between 1969-1975.

1969 saw their first charting hit, "Big Black Bird," which made its way into the Top 60. But it was 1970's "Tennessee Bird Walk" that would be their biggest and most memorable hit. The song hit the top of the country charts, did well on the pop charts, and even garnered a Grammy nomination.

Jack explains how his column got started:

"Before Misty Morgan and I had hit records, we entertained at an Orlando nightclub. I made a deal with a local newspaper to write a weekly column in return for a free ad for our club. The column spread to other publications and now has thousands of readers around the world." Jack Blanchard



Billboard Award
Duet of the Year (1970)

Grammy and
CMA Finalists.


We found a1978 Armed Forces Radio show Misty and I did. On the other side of the LP is a show with Ferlin Husky and Betty Jean Robinson. We also did these shows with Don Gibson, Liz Anderson, and others. They are on almost worn out acetate discs.

Under a pile of lost left socks, we found a Jack & Misty Columbia LP album that was never released.

We also found a bunch of songs I wrote, recorded by other people. One was Billy Joe Burnette singing “Don’t It Look Like Georgia”. Another was Englebert Humperdink” doing “Second Tuesday in December”, and The Ventures playing “Gemini”. Cover records of our "Tennessee Birdwalk", by Buck Owens and Susan Raye, Rolfe Harris, and other artists. I found one I wrote with Sheb Wooley.

Willie Nelson is the star of The Florida Strawberry Festival last year. We were the Strawberry Festival stars 40 years ago. Willie's coming up in the world.


And a few words found in our songs:

"OLD SONGS." Mrs. Miller is singing the OLD SONGS With the nurses at afternoon games. She remembers the words to the OLD SONGS, But forgotten her family's names.

The past is just over her shoulder And the music can turn back the years. Old times flicker by the corner of her eye When the OLD SONGS ring in her ears.

So bring up the band and give them a hand. While we can, let's all sing along And maybe we'll find lost love in the memories That live in the heart of OLD SONGS.

"FOLLOW THE BOUNCING BALL." I'm goin' Down to the roundhouse, And look at the trains. Up on the rooftop, spottin' airplanes. Follow the Bouncing Ball, Sing an old song. I don't mind if you tag along.

Saturday matinee, give away a funny book, free of charge. Also a Cracker Jack. Read Red Ryder, Little Beaver. Trade it for a Dizzy Dean baseball card.

Got no reason, Got no rhyme. Just kickin' a can down the road o' time. Follow the Bouncing Ball, Sing an old song. I don't mind if you tag along.


A final thought: A Wendy's cashier demanded that I prove that I'm NOT eligible for a senior discount.

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